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    What Doesn't He Do?

    Like, we're not kidding. He'll catch you some juicy rainbow trout, cook it, feed it to you and play acoustic guitar for you until you fall asleep. Get a taste of all that Adam does here.  

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    The Captain

    Dayne is akin to Captain Jack Sparrow. He is the mastermind behind all of the productions here at RedFish TMG. We like to follow his lead but sometimes he's like an elusive pangolin and we can't follow where his brainwaves take him. 

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    Cool Hand Luke

    We can never tell if Garrett is being serious or not. He is the brilliant one behind the design work with all that coding stuff. He basically deals with millions of dollars worth of ads on the reg - no big. Check him out here.

It all started with stunt pay.

The year was 2004. Dayne (our founder) was featured as a background/stunts actor in the Television Series Show "North Shore" starring Jason Momoa. When "North Shore" was dropped for a second season, he was jobless. Later that year, he joined the production team for the Drama Television Series "Lost," created by master storyteller J.J. Abrahams. He had his run with Hollywood and wanted to bring cinematic storytelling to brands.

In 2007, he went to the wilderness in search of natural inspiration. One of his photos made it to the final round for the 2017 World Wildlife Photographer of the Year, in the animal behavior category.


In 2014, Red Fish Total Media Group was born. Our main mission is to produce authentic films & photographs for companies to communicate their brand narrative in a creative and compelling way.

In 2019 a national award agency, awarded Red Fish TMG the 2019 Best Video Production Services 

Company in Eagle Idaho

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